DanceIt! Spring Intensive 2016

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Dance It! Spring Intensive is a week-long annual dance training program which takes place in Sofia, Bulgaria during the academic spring break. In 2016 it will be held between April 4th and 9th with a stage production on April 10th, showcasing the repertoire created during the six intensive days. The program is an international collaboration targeting young dancers from Bulgaria (mainly) and from all over the world with the goal to contribute significantly to their dance training - to build upon their existing technique, expanding and enriching it with the vocabularies and practices of several fundamentally different dance forms. It aspires also to allow the dancers to take part in a creative process, as well as to benefit from the international exchange and intercultural communication.

In the course of the week young dancers (advanced and professionals) take classes in five different styles: Classical Ballet, Modern Dance, Jazz, Hip-Hop and Character Dance. The classes are taught by renowned teachers and choreographers from both continents - professionals who are at the top of their career. They bring their unique expertise to the young dancers who do not have the chance to experience this in their routine dance curricula. Each student also participates in the creation of repertoire, which is showcased in the final day of the program.

The spring program closes with a final stage production – a combination of the new pieces of the choreographers involving all workshop participants and repertoire shown by specially invited renowned guest dance artists.

It also offers special master classes as well as public discussion events on relevant topics, which additionally enrich the program.

Each year, five or six of the best dancers receive scholarships for summer dance intensive programs at renowned schools and companies in the US.

Since 2008, more than 900 dancers from Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Romania, Greece, Montenegro, Portugal and the US have participated in Dance It! More than 40 young talented dancers have received scholarships for schools such as Pacific Northwest Ballet School - Seattle, School of Ballet Chicago, Debbie Reynolds Dance Studios – Los Angeles, Syracuse University – New York, Deeply Rooted Productions – Chicago and others. Many of our scholarship recipients are currently employed at dance companies in Italy, Germany and the US, as well as at Bulgarian national dance institutions and private dance companies.

This project is being implemented with the financial support of America for Bulgaria

America for Bulgaria Foundation (ABF) is partnering with the Iliev Dance Art Foundation in the Dance It! Project since 2011. Founded in 2008, ABF is the successor of the Bulgarian-American Enterprise Fund (BAEF), an investment fund created by the United States of America, acting through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). One of the goals of the Foundation is to support private-sector art entrepreneurs and organizations. ABF’s mission in arts and culture is to promote greater appreciation of and demand for Bulgarian arts and culture in-country and abroad; to nurture Bulgarian creative talents to lead and compete in the global marketplace; and to enhance Bulgaria’s international cultural profile. With the Dance It! 2016 Project, America for Bulgaria and the Iliev Dance Art Foundation aim at building another cultural bridge between Bulgaria and the United States, as well as to provide opportunities for Bulgarian students in dance to get a feel for the American way of work and to get to know some of the most prominent choreographers and masters of American dance. For more information, go to

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