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"5х5+1" is an interdisciplinary artistic project by Petur Iliev, in collaboration with:

The structure of "5х5+1":

  • 5+1 musical and dance miniatures
  • performed by 5+1 dancers
  • under the life performance of 5 musicians
  • 5 different dance styles (neoclassical ballet, modern and contemporary dance, hip-hop and character dance)
  • 5 stages

Element “+1”

The miniatures "invite" on the stage another artistic element, different form music and dance - for example visual and digital arts, etc.

The soundtrack of "5x5+1", performed live by 5 renowned Bulgarian musicians, is in itself a  tempting tracery of jazz, electronic, classical and world music. Its open improvisation provokes both performers and audience for an unforgettable experience.

Dancers: Milena Abushinova, Kalina Vladimirova, Nikolina Karageorgieva, Stanislav Stefanov, Radoslav Yordanov, Georgi Kapitanski, Zdravko Konstadinov and Yanica Stankeva

Musicians: Petar Ralchev (accordion and piano), Peyo Peev (piano and gadulka), Stoyan Yankulov - Stundzi (drums and percussion), Angel Dimitrov (guitar, tambura), Petar Milanov (bass)

Coda Trio (Only in Sofiq, NDK): Mariyana Teofilova (piano), Irina Stoyanova (violin), Ivan Lalev (cello) and Svatoslav Karparov (composer)

Visual Artist: Vanya Valkova

Photography: Zdravko Yonchev and Iko Media Ltd.


The project is being implemented in partnership with:



Media Partners:

jazz fm
fm+ bRadio.approved njoy programata
момичетата от града
Виж Бургас



    Part of the funds for the project were raised through a campaign organized with the support of the project "Effective approaches to sustainability of NGOs", sponsored by "America for Bulgaria" and implemented by the Bulgarian Center for Not in partnership with the PACEL.

poster 5x5+1

Iliev Dance 5x5+1 Kalina Vladimirova Yanitza Atanasova Stanislav Stefanov

Iliev Dance 5x5+1 music team

5x5+1 dance music show

v Dance 5x5+1 dance team

Iliev Dance 5x5+1 dance team

5x5+1 ilievdance

Iliev Dance 5x5+1 with Zdravko Kostadinov at Studio Dance Zone