Interviews in Print Media

“A Swallows Flight” with premiere today! 

Ballet and modern dance on  Summer dance workshop “Dance It!” 2014

Summer Dance Workshop “Dance it”2014 in Burgas

Scholarship students  from  “Dance It”2014  began intensive training in Pacific Northwest Ballet School

Final snow on Dance it! 2014,

Share with Petur Iliev,

Famous choreographers from the United States do dance workshop in Sofia,

“Surfacing” with premiere,

Dance it!,

Dance it! for 8 time,

Dance it! 2014,

Choreographers from Dance it!2013 will reveal what is to teach in one of the most famous schools of modern dance in the United States, 2013

Dance it!2013,, 2013

ONE OF THE MOST ATTRACTIVE choreographers in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles COME IN OUR WORKSHOP FOR DANCE “DANCE IT!”,

One of the most popular American choreographers come at us,

Dance it!,

Dance it!2013 with over 160 participants,

With choreographs of Dance it!2013,

Elinor Scoth in Sofia,

Dance it!2013 again in Sofia,

Von Howard Project in Sofia,

Internationally known choreographers are looking for talent from Bulgaria,, 2012

“Dancing with Petur Iliev” (view)

Interview with Petur Iliev, artistic director of Iliev Dance Art Foundation (view)

Interview with Marcus Galante (Ballet and Broadway Jazz) (view)

Interview with Jivko Jeliazkov (contemporary dance, Derida Dance choreographer) (view)

Interview with Rositsa Terzijska (Hip-hop) (view)

Interview with Alex A-Style (Hip-Hop) (view) – Online portal for art and culture, September 2012

Andrea Burr: “Anyone can dance” (view) – urban lifestyle media, April 14, 2012